Cultivated as a market garden in the 19th Century, Eccleston Square was always intended as a community garden for the residents that lived around the square.  Having survived mishaps such as the Great Storm in 1987 and the threat of urban development, the private garden is still, to this day, reserved exclusively for residents around the square and our hotel guests.  The square has been lovingly maintained, nurtured and replanted with a variety of shrubs and trees that provide beautiful displays throughout the year.  Flowers such as Mimosa, Camellias, Ceanothus and Tea Roses thrive, while the more exotic plants include Cabbage Trees and Kaka Beak.


With a string of awards including First Prize at the London Garden Society in 2011 and features such as a children’s play area, tennis courts and barbeques, Eccleston Square is an oasis in the centre of London.


Eccleston Square’s gardeners are, at the moment, hard at work preparing the grounds for spring and summer.  With warmer weather on its way, here are our top 5 tips for getting your garden looking its best:

  1. Clean your tools: Dust off your shovels and blades and make sure they are clean and sharp. Wash out and clean all pots and bowls for tub planting later on.
  2. Spring Cleaning: Check that last season’s plants are in order before focusing on new ones.  Clear leaves and debris from beds.
  3. Break ground:  Choose a warm day to till and turn the soil in the garden and work in compost.
  4. Pruning: Research which plants need pruning before chopping too much back.   Clip and tidy hedges and prune fruit trees.
  5. Take care of your lawn: Remove moss and dead leaves off the lawn. Feed the lawn, weed and mow.  Seed bald patches and tidy up edges.

For some more practical advice and video tips from the Royal Horticultural Society experts follow this link.


To round this post off, we have listed below our top 5 favourite features of Eccleston Square Garden:

  1. The tennis courts – take advantage of the warm weather and have a run around on the tennis court.  Head back to the bar for cool drinks and snacks afterwards.
  2. The wide open grassy spaces contrasted with the tiny winding brick paths meandering through the flower beds.
  3. The hundreds of types of roses grown in the garden – Apple Blossom roses, Blue Moon roses, Coral Dawn roses, Ophelia roses and Shot Silk roses to name a few!
  4. Walking through the wisteria arbour at the south gate – an archway laced with heavy, lavender coloured blossoms.
  5. Its location – a calm, quiet spot to relax, read and enjoy the outdoors in the heart of London.


Keep an eye out for next week’s blog – an update on all the fantastic events taking place at the hotel over the long Easter weekend.


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