The Box nightclub is one of London’s most exclusive hangouts. It attracts celebrities such as actors, music stars, sports stars, royalty and models by the bucket load. No need to name drop here as this is not in keeping with the Box’s philosophy of discretion, hence the reason why photos and social media snaps are strictly prohibited inside. It is nestled away in the middle of a back alley next to a Sex Shop in the middle of Soho; its location is perfectly in keeping with what you might expect before entering this beautiful old Theatre which was restored as a nightclub.

The Box brings together several different elements which you might not always see all at once on a night out. Erotic burlesque and Cabaret shows, House music, Hip-hop music, Models and Celebrities. This means that there is something for everybody and is ideal for large groups who want to meet up and have a fun night out, it would make the perfect venue for a birthday gathering or a Bachelor(ette) party. The fact that the Box brand was originally launched in NYC in 2007 means that there is also a distinct American prohibition era sense of naughtiness in the air (the shows are usually hosted by a woman with a strong New York accent and boisterous personality). This combo creates a unique atmosphere where dancing, drinking and openness are encouraged. The shows are usually daring; requiring what look like world class athletes to perform them, the levels of graphicness in some of the shows might make some people uncomfortable but they are designed to push people’s buttons and limits.

The Box Soho is one of the most exclusive and difficult to access nightclubs in London. Tables are normally required to gain access and starting prices range from £1000- £3000. If you would like to book and you are a hotel guest, James Byrne, the director of Eccleston Square Hotel can facilitate this for you. You can reach him on +44 (0)77 144 87 229.


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