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Everything You Need to Know about the Coronation of King Charles III

Find out everything you need to know about King Charles’ Coronation from the guests in attendance, the ceremony, the coronation oath, the Royal Orb and Scepter.

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Where and when is King Charles III Coronation Day?

At Westminster Abbey on Saturday May 6th 2023, Charles III and his wife Camilla will be crowned as rulers of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth states. A coronation is the symbolic religious ceremony during which a sovereign is crowned which signifies the transfer of title and authority to them.

It is not entirely necessary for the monarch to be crowned to become King, as Charles automatically became King the moment the Queen passed away. At the age of 73, King Charles III will be the oldest British Monarch to ascend the throne. 

What happens during the Coronation Ceremony ?

The coronation ceremony has been held at the Westminster Abbey in London for the past 900 years, and the Archbishop of Canterbury officiates. The ceremony normally has 6 stages, starting with the Archbishop presenting the monarch to those gathered in the abbey while alongside the Coronation chair. Once the congregation echoes  ‘God Save the King’, trumpets will play and the ceremony will begin. 

The next stage during the ceremony is when the Sovereign takes the coronation oath. Queen Elizabeth II promised to rule by law, administer justice with mercy and maintain the Church of England. After taking the oath, Charles III is anointed, blessed and consecrated by the Archbishop. The king will remove his ceremonial robes, take a seat in the coronation chair and a canopy of golden cloth is held over the chair so that the King cannot be seen. The Archbishop will then anoint the King with sacred oil which is known to contain ambergris, orange blossom, rose, jasmine and cinnamon. The oil is applied to the King’s hands, chest and head. 

Following the annointing, the King will be presented with the Royal Orb which represents religious and moral authority. As well as the Orb, the King receives the Scepter which reflects power and the Sovereign’s Scepter which is a golden rod topped with a white enamelled dove to symbolise justice and mercy. After receiving the Orb and Scepter, the Archbishop will place St. Edward’s Crown on King Charles III. 

The final stage of the coronation ceremony is the enthronement and homage. The King will move from the coronation chair to the throne and peers will kneel before the monarch to pay homage to King Charles III. Camila, the Queen Consort will be anointed in the same manner and crowned.

Who will be attending King Charles Coronation?

Literally everyone. The coronation of King Charles will be just like a royal wedding, only 10 times more extra. The coronation is a national event which means the UK government has control over the guest list. Aside from the British Royal Family, King Charles Coronation day will be attended by royalty from all over the globe. As well as the UK Prime Minister, representatives from the House of Parliament and the leading citizens from the Commonwealth countries. Over 8,250 guests attended Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, however the maximum number this time round will only be about 2,200.

Will King Charles Coronation be a Bank Holiday?

To answer the most pressing question about this upcoming historic event, yes there will be a bank holiday following the coronation of King Charles. An additional UK bank holiday has been announced for Monday the 8th of May 2023. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said this public holiday will allow people to come together and celebrate King Charles III Coronation.

Where can I watch the Coronation Ceremony?

It is expected that the Coronation of King Charles III will be broadcasted live around the world. When the week of the coronation comes, there will not be a news channel short covering this historic event. In 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was broadcast by BBC News to an audience of nearly 20 million. It was the first time a camera had been set up inside Westminster Abbey. Today, with the cutting edge technology that was unheard of 70 years ago, there is no doubt that every square inch of the Coronation will be live streamed on the news and social channels. Again, similar to how the most recent royal weddings have been live streamed. 

What happens after the Coronation of King Charles III?

Currently the King resides at Clarence House with spouse Camila. Over the years there has been some speculation that he wants to stay at Clarence House. With that said, it was reported in February 2022 that he would move to Buckingham Palace once he became King. 

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