Eccleston Yards

We are so excited that the new and very funky development of Eccleston Yards is opening its doors! Previously a underused land, Eccleston Yards is now a new hub and destination for young and energetic Londoners. Innovative brands are opening their doors and the whole ethos of Eccleston Yards is to establish a community of like-minded business and mox of different offers for workers and visitors.

Barry’s Bootcamp has opened its doors as well asCentral Working- offering shared work space.

Eccleston Yards also features are large courtyard designed by architect BuckleyGrayYeoman which will be a great place to chill when weather allows.

New restaurants will open soon which will offer some great dining options for our guests!

Eccleston Yards is located 5 mintues’ walk from Eccleston Square Hotel and definitely worth a visit!

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