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Eccleston Square Hotel - environmental view

The environment & us

Environmental considerations have been at the forefront of all of our decisions since we designed and rebuilt the hotel in 2010-2012. Working within the constraints of our magnificent, 200 year old Grand II listed, heritage townhouses, we have used passive and active technology aggressively in order to optimise our environmental footprint.

Low-impact solutions were adopted from the outset such as underfloor water heating, inter-seasonal cooling using filtered fresh air, all shower bathrooms with water diffusers, dimmable LED lighting by zones. Light bulbs have been regularly upgraded as improving low energy consumption products are brought to market.

In 2024, a comprehensive upgrade to our heating, cooling and building management / energy management systems (BMS) will be completed. In addition to the key cards, in-room CO2 sensors will tell the system when gusts are absent and where appropriate energy savings can be made. The result of 2 years of work so far, this complete revision of our BMS and integrated systems will ensure we remain at the cutting edge and that our energy consumption is optimal at all times, maintaining our position as one of the most technically advanced small hotels in London.

For the well-being of both our customers and the environment, we go out of our way to ensure our product choices are both planet and guest friendly. This ranges from the use of low-impact, natural cleaning products to the use of natural materials and fibres such as the horse hair and natural fibres in our Hastens Beds and the high quality wool in our Brintons carpets. Food items are locally sourced and are organic wherever possible.

Recycling is dear to our heart : in a revolutionary move, we recently up-cycled all the hotel bedroom furniture by adding all-new wood veneers to every item of bedroom furniture, resulting in beautiful, brand-new furniture for our guests to enjoy with minimal environmental impact. In the same vein, our Minotti furniture was chosen in the knowledge that all the soft furnishing covers can be unzipped and replaced when the time comes without the need to replace the furniture frames and fillings.

As further environmentally friendly products and solutions emerge, we shall continue to be an early adopter.